About Us

The compagny

As an genealogist for nearly 30 years, I am as passionate about research as I am about family trees.
Creating a support for genealogical trees is a challenge: display more and more generations, as legibly as possible on less bulky supports. This is what genealogist is all about! I am constantly looking for solutions to meet the demands, and I have a lot of ideas.
In 2018, I wrote a book, dedicated to genealogical representation ("Comment présenter sa généalogie?" Edition Archives et Culture).

The Team


Te organizational chart of Passion-Genealogie is very simple: there is only me!

I am therefore solely responsible for the problems (which can happen despite the particular attention I give to the satisfaction of my clients), but also for your full satisfaction, which remains the greatest reward to my work since all these years.

The Shops

Passion Généalogie does not have a store, but you can buy all my genealogical creations on this site, or find me on many genealogical fairs in which I participate in the year. This is a unique opportunity to exchange, manipulate and perhaps buy a tree at a lower cost (no shipping costs!).

To know what genealogical fairs to find me: it is here!